Hey Friends!

I’m super excited to announce my first-ever podcast program—Gerd Talk! In this podcast, I’ll be interviewing my special guest, Gina Kellum who will be sharing her story and experience with GERD/acid reflux surgery. Gina lives in Tennessee and is a real estate Sales Manager in the Nashville area.

For years, Gina suffered from GERD and in 2016, decided to have a surgical procedure known as a Nissen Fundoplication. In short, Gina suffered horribly after the surgery and had to have her surgery reversed.

Gina runs a fast-growing Facebook group called “Nissen Fundoplication Takedown.” It’s a forum for people who are having problems with their Nissen surgery.

In this interview, Gina will share insider information about the surgery and what she has learned from managing her 500 member Nissen reversal group. You don’t want to miss this!

*Check out Gina’s Facebook group here:


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