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Gerd Talk Episode 4 is out! In this podcast, I’ll be interviewing my special guest, Dr. Frank Seaman, board-certified prosthodontist and expert in breathing dysfunction, who will be talking to us about the connection between mouth breathing, acid reflux, and laryngopharyngeal reflux. We’ll be discussing what mouth breathing is, why it’s bad, and how you can correct it. You don’t want to miss this fascinating and insightful interview!

Mouth Breathing Resources

  1. If you suspect you are mouth breathing and want to try Dr. Seaman’s product, LipSeal Tape go here:

2. If you want to visit Dr. Seaman in Silverthorne, Colorado, go here:

3. Did you know that mouth breathing can change the way your child’s face grows? Take a look at Dr. John and Mike Mew’s website:


AND, check out these incredible pictures of how mouth breathing can affect facial growth:

Orthotropics Mouth Breathing LPR Acid Reflux

How Mouth Breathing Can Alter Child Facial Growth

Child Orthotropics Mouth Breathing LPR Acid Reflux

How Correcting Mouth Breathing Can Promote Healthy Facial Growth

4. For more on mouth breathing check out my articles here:

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